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If you wish to understand the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

About The iClinic

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Founded by Dr. Billy Hardie, The iClinic is a Medical and Wellness Clinic that applies a holistic and systemic approach of guiding patients achieve sustainable health and wellness through scientifically-approved medical diagnostics and therapeutics. 


Our clinical team are active proponents of disease prevention and treatment, graceful ageing and wellness; to help our patients achieve optimum and sustainable health and wellness.

The iClinic seeks to help our patients “Feel Great, Look Good & Live Well” through our medical wellness protocols and clinical programs.  These programs offer a comprehensive range of therapy services and products that enhance your internal well-being, general body wellness, skin health and fitness state.


The attainment of sustainable and affordable medical wellness leads to positivity and increased productivity in all aspects of life.  The iClinic strives to build a lifelong care-relationship with our patients, catering to your medical and wellness goals at every stage of your life and needs.


Your Health and Wellness made Simple.

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