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Environmental, Social
& Governance Efforts

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In partnership with SUPERDUPER™, we are empowering our friends with special needs through collaborative projects.

SUPERDUPER™ is a social enterprise focused on innovating solutions to create opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and people from vulnerable communities in our society (our Special Friends); to support our Special Friends in achieving sustainable independence to co-create an inclusive society.

Through The iClinic®'s “Partners For Good” programs, every well-being we achieve with our products lay the foundation of meaningful contribution to advance the lives of our Special Friends.


Check out our range of Partners For Good skin care products and nutrition supplements and help us radiate the sunshine in our communities today!  Looking good and feeling great has never been more innovative, gratifying and fun! 

The iClinic™ Group's partnership with SUPERDUPER™ brings value-based healthcare and wellness to our Special Friends communities. Together, our collaborative initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on families with special needs by providing tailored Telemedicine Care Programs (TCP) for PWDs and their caregivers through The iClinic™.

By leveraging The iClinic™'s novel telemedicine approach, our partnership will make it easier for Special Friends PWDs and their families to access high-quality healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes. SUPERDUPER™'s expertise in the field of special needs will also be invaluable in ensuring that our TCPs are specifically catered to the unique needs of our Special Friends communities.

Mobility is a key challenge for many of our Special Friends and their families; and we believe that improved design and technological innovation across the healthcare value-chain processes can help optimize the use of limited resources.

Our Telemedicine Care Program (TCP) includes and aspires to provide tele-consultations for acute and chronic diseases; Specialist Second Opinion; Tele-monitoring of key health parameters like blood pressure and blood sugar trends; Tele-advisory in Nutrition, Dietetics and Counselling.

Our health and wellness programs seek to enable better inclusivity and opportunities for our Special Friends and their families to also enjoy healthy living as our Nation works towards a healthier people through our HealthierSG vision.

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