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From The Desk of Dr. Billy Hardie

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

From The Desk of Dr. Billy Hardie

Resident Wellness Physician

I am grateful to our patients who have entrusted themselves to our care in the iClinic.

Nothing is more humbling and privileged than to serve our patients who believe in the goodness and commitment of the doctors and clinic staff over the years. I am privileged to serve you and to continue to care for you. I personally thank each one of you for your continued support of The iClinic!​​

At The iClinic, we are committed to practice compassionate and affordable care, constant and never-ending improvement and to apply integrative scientific innovations to solve our patients’ medical and health concerns daily; so that we can pro-actively contribute our part to a sustainable healthcare eco-system to serve everyone well.

I believe that every patient is unique; and that everyone is entitled to the best that medical science has to offer.  It is this same faith, vision and perseverance reflected in my alma mater's motto, “The Best Is Yet To Be”; that drives us in our constant pursuit of excellence in service to our Patients, to Medicine and to Science.

​I am challenged to continue to grow The iClinic to serve our patients and community positively; and to contribute our part to achieve optimum and sustainable medical care and wellness for Everyone, Everywhere.

Wishing everyone the best in health,

Dr. Billy Hardie

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