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Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Tiong Bahru Clinic - Ever felt the nerves kick into overtime whenever you need to ask your doctor for medical advice but you have no idea what kind of questions you should ask in the first place? We got you covered with our short but comprehensive checklist of questions you should ask your doctor at the nearest Tiong Bahru clinic or wherever you may be, so here we go:

What treatment option is best for me?

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This is probably one of the most important questions you should ask your doctor once a diagnosis has been made regarding your medical condition and a plethora of varying treatments is laid out for you to choose from. Now, whether it be a general physician at your nearest Tiong Bahru clinic or an A&E (Accident & Emergency) doctor on call, the opinion of a medical professional is always highly valued. Therefore, consult with your doctor on the best course of treatment and follow up with questions such as would there be a potential risk of adverse effects from the treatments and what can be done to resolve those issues, for instance.

Can I improve my condition on my own?

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Sometimes, we can be a little trepidatious when it comes to seeing a doctor at a nearby Tiong Bahru clinic for instance, or perhaps because we feel that our symptoms can go away on its own in due time. But it's always good to consult a physician when you don't feel well for any reason rather than put it off, and sometimes your doctor might suggest a lifestyle change and dietary restrictions to offset your medical condition. For example, a lot of illnesses might happen as a result of a sedentary lifestyle hence doctors recommend a stricter diet and more exercise once you're recovered, or sometimes that nasty flu is the result of too much overtime and lack of sleep so lots of bed rest is the best cure to fix your condition.

Does this medicine have any side effects?

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Sometimes, certain medications recommended by your GP at the local Tiong Bahru clinic for instance can be pretty effective in treating your illness. But what happens if you're not sure if there are any prolonged side effects of taken such medication that could adversely affect your condition? Ask your doctor about any possible side effects that could occur from taking the prescribed medication and if the side effects are short-term or long-term. If you do experience any symptoms from taking the medications, such as headaches and dizzy spells or diarrhoea, get in touch with your doctor to find out what else can be done to alleviate the side effects.

How much will it cost?

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In this day and age, medicine and medical procedures can make quite a huge dent in your wallet depending on where you got treated, be it a world-class hospital or a humble Tiong Bahru clinic. Therefore, before you settle on the treatments of choice it's always best to check with your physician about the relative cost of the treatments themselves and what they entail. If possible, you can always check with your insurance agent to find out how to offset some of the costs in the event the treatment plan is more expensive than imagined. Thankfully, many medical professionals approve of government schemes such as CHAS and Medisave for their patients to help subsidise the payments, so it doesn't hurt to ask about it!

Will I need a second opinion?

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This one is the hardest and yet most common question ever posed to any medical professional, even those general physicians at any local Tiong Bahru clinic: "Can I get a second opinion?".

However, as a patient seeking out sound medical advice and best possible treatment, you have every right to ask for a second opinion if you feel like you're not receiving proper consultation or you just need another doctor to verify your medical condition, for example. This is especially important when undergoing major surgery or any such procedures that have potential risks, not to mention taking prescribed drugs with potential side-effects, so don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion if it means your quality of life is drastically improved.

Feel Great, Look Good & Live Well

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Tiong Bahru Clinic - The iClinic is a Medical and Wellness Clinic that applies a holistic and systemic approach of guiding patients achieve sustainable health and wellness through scientifically-approved medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Our medical wellness protocols and clinical programs offer a comprehensive range of therapy services and products that enhance your internal well-being, general body wellness, skin health and fitness physiology.

Schedule an in-clinic or tele-consultation with us today!

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