When you Do Good for a Social Cause with SUPERDUPER!

SUPERDUPER is a social enterprise focused on innovating solutions to create opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and people from vulnerable communities in our society (our Special Friends).


To support our Special Friends to in achieving sustainable independence to co-create an inclusive society.


To Empower and Create opportunities for our Special Friends in our society.


We combine design-conscious sensibilities with advanced technology to deliver luxury health and wellness products and services for the modern, urban professional. 

We’re larger than life; and not the least bit apologetic.  Passion and intuition with a splash of colour; tempered with simplicity and hard science. 

Functional, stylish and eco-friendly, our products are formulated with just a few real, simple active ingredients and suitable for all skin types and genders.  We never test on animals, and are committed to ethical sourcing. 

Many of our products are created in-house by our talented team in Singapore. Alongside innovation, we also maintain a variety of practical essentials for your everyday needs.


SUPERDUPERTM has partnered with various enterprises for its diverseity of social programs and initiatives.

SUN-DAC (a Day Activity Centre) 

In partnership with SUN-DAC, SUPERDUPERTM has designed vocational programs to equip our Special Friends with technical and soft skills to achieve sustainable independence.

Our vocational programs are tailored to prepare them for job opportunities with industry partners by training them to perform tasks in retail, logistics operations and in supermarkets, hence supporting our Special Friends with sustainable employment and purpose-filled lives.


In collaboration with LifeCare Technology enterprise AURUMTM, SUPERDUPERTM encourages beauty and well-being in our communities.

SUPERDUPERTM X AURUMTM curates specialized skincare potions to bring out the youthfulness in us all.  Clear the wrinkles of life’s challenges and refresh your skin with the vibrancy you need in your daily life journeys.  

Every beauty we reveal with our skincare potions lays the foundation of meaningful works and contributions to advance the lives of our Special Friends.

Check out our Elixir Serum series and help us radiate the sunshine in our communities today!  Looking good and feeling great has never been more innovative, gratifying and fun!  













Our collaboration with CiBeez, an Israeli-based AI-full stack E-commerce logistics SaaS (Software-as-a-Service); allows SUPERDUPERTM to implement an innovative and tested solution for today’s logistics needs across multi-industries.  

CiBeez is currently deployed in Israel’s largest pharmacy chain, Super Pharm; as well in other enterprises in Poland and China.

SUPERDUPER - CiBeez, together with AURUMTM, has set its sights to implement CiBeez SaaS & SUPERDUPERTM Logistics to support the complex healthcare value-chain in Singapore and ASEAN.       

Screenshot 2022-11-03 183157.png

The iClinic

In collaboration with The iClinic Group, SUPERDUPER has embarked on an exciting partnership to positively bridge value-based healthcare and wellness into our Special Friends’ the PWD  communities.  

Through The iClinic novel Telemedicine Care Programs (TCP) catered specially for PWDs our Special Friends and their caregivers, our collaborative initiative aims to lighten the burdens of our Special Friends PWDs and their families amidst financially challenging times in our society.  

Mobility is a key challenge for many of our Special Friends PWDs and their families; and we believe that improved design and technological innovation across the healthcare value-chain processes can help optimize the use of limited resources.

Our Telemedicine Care Programs (TCP) include Tele-consultations for acute and chronic diseases; Specialist Second Opinion; Tele-monitoring of key health parameters like blood pressure and blood sugar trends; Tele-Nutrition & Tele-Dietetics; and Tele-counselling.

Our health and wellness programs seek to enable better inclusivity and opportunities for PWDs our Special Friends and their families to also enjoy healthy living as our Nation works towards a healthier people through our HealthierSG vision.