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Medical Care

Primary Healthcare is at the core of clinical services in The iClinic®.


We believe in providing holistic medical care for all our patients and offer a comprehensive range of primary healthcare services (GP services). With our dedicated doctors and clinic staff, our patients can expect quality consultation and treatment for all their primary healthcare needs.


Our doctors are trained to manage multiple medical conditions through an integrative approach, including psychological well-being, social and home environment and life-style factors to help improve the patient’s medical condition.


At The iClinic®, our primary care practice provides basic medical ailments diagnosis and treatments, health screening, chronic disease management, women health, men health, child health, vaccinations, vocational medical checkups, travel health services.

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Why Health Screening?

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Health screening is of value to everyone, both young and old.


The lifestyle and stress of modern living can have adverse effects on our health and wellness. A large number of diseases have a tendency to remain silent until late stage functional loss.

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Health Screening is a highly essential tool for the early detection of diseases and conditions that cause chronic disability and death.  Health Screening seeks to identify these diseases early, control them, and prevent them from overcoming our normal body functions.


Early detection allows for timely preventive and corrective measures that can be implemented to achieve better clinical outcomes and sustainable life goals.

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At The iClinic®, we offer a range of comprehensive Health Screening and Clinical Programs, which cater to our patients from different demographics and needs at affordable prices.  With a comprehensive range of diagnostic and medical services, we are able to meet your every medical need.


 Together with our network of specialists whom we work regularly with to ensure a consistent standard of patient care, we are committed to provide the best possible options and outcomes for all our patients.

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