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Telemedicine &
Digital Health

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Telemedicine is another innovative technology that has revolutionized healthcare in recent years.  With telemedicine, doctors can provide care remotely, which is especially useful for patients who have mobility issues or who may have challenges to access good primary care. Telemedicine also enables doctors to monitor patients more closely, which can help identify health issues before they become serious.

Wearable Devices

Another important innovation in healthcare is the use of wearable devices and health apps.  Wearable devices, such as fitness trackers and smart-watches, can help patients monitor their health metrics, such as heart rate, sPO2, blood pressure, and sleep patterns.  Health apps can also help patients manage their health, such as tracking their medication schedule or monitoring their health, diet, exercise and wellness goals.

Using a Touch Phone

AI Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another important innovation that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare.  AI can analyze large amounts of medical data and provide insights that can help doctors develop personalized care plans and identify health issues before they become serious.  AI can also help doctors with diagnostics, by identifying patterns in medical imaging that may be missed by human doctors.

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