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In Healthier Longevity & Wellness, The iClinic® focus on helping our patients achieve graceful ageing and prevention of illnesses that cause mind and body dysfunctions eg. metabolic syndromes, diabetes, hypertension, gout etc.


With our Age Management protocols, The iClinic® team looks at the physiological changes that result from the processes of ageing and the proactive actions we can take to help reverse or slow these physiological changes.

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The iClinic® helps patients achieve optimum health and wellness, prevent diseases and also treat diseases should they occur.  These diagnosis and treatments are implemented using The iClinic® proprietary Wellness Protocols and clinical programs integrating special interests in nutritional supplementation, medical aesthetics and relevant medical technologies.


Early intervention of body dysfunctions through lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation and dietary management, exercise regimes and selective hormonal replacement may help avoid the need for medication or surgery.

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The iClinic® Age Management protocols will also improve mind and body functions and delay common symptoms of ageing such as sleep disorders, poor memory, mood swings, constant fatigue, weight and eating disorders and low energy in daily life.

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