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5 Supremely Healthy Benefits Of Honey

Tiong Bahru Clinic Singapore - Honey is considered by the health-conscious to be a 'superfood', or food that has supreme health benefits for the human body in more ways than one. So what exactly makes honey such a sought-after health food, and why do so many people rave about it apart from its sheer deliciousness? Let's take a look at a few of the benefits that honey can provide, courtesy of your favourite Tiong Bahru clinic Singapore:

Tummy pains go away!

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Honey is a great alternative to traditional cures for gastritis or other similar abdominal ailments due to its immense antimicrobial and antioxidant levels, which make it an incredible substitute to deal with an upset stomach. Furthermore, honey's effectiveness is increased due to an antimicrobial enzyme (methyglyoxal) which aids in fighting bad bacteria and germs that reside in your gut. So before you rush off to your nearest Tiong Bahru clinic Singapore for a cure to your stomachache, make sure to consume some honey as is or dissolved in some warm water to reap the benefits.

Great for losing weight

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Believe it or not, honey is a viable (and tasty) way to lose weight efficiently. For instance, mixing in a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water can reduce your body's need to consume sugar; this is due to the natural sugars found within honey, which function differently from white sugars and does not get absorbed as quickly by the body. Moreover, honey can act as a healthier substitute to sugar when it comes to making your favourite ice lemon tea or eaten with pancakes for breakfast, for example, so make sure to find out more about honey's weight loss benefit with a physician at your local Tiong Bahru clinic Singapore or any available nutritionist.

Having a great night's sleep

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Surprising as it seems, honey functions as a natural soporific which helps induce sleep faster. How does it work, you may ask? Well, eating honey just before bed helps ensure your liver continues to produce glucose, thus maintaining healthy levels of glycogen required for producing energy for your body. Therefore, if you wish to take the advice of a full eight hours' sleep courtesy of your trusted Tiong Bahru clinic Singapore physician, make sure to take a tablespoon of delicious honey by itself before bed to reap the benefits of a good night's sleep.

Lowering your cholesterol levels

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These days, many people who lead a sedentary unbalanced lifestyle run the risk of increased levels of high cholesterol, a problem that many Tiong Bahru clinic Singapore doctors have to contend with on a daily basis. But this is where honey comes in to save the day! Honey has been proven by numerous studies to effectively control and decrease dangerously high cholesterol levels, and a truly effective way to utilise honey here is consuming up to 70g of honey a day. In fact, consuming 70g of honey a day for a whole month can reduce cholesterol levels by 3%, so imagine how beneficial it can be in the long run!

Giving your skin that healthy glow

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Apart from being a healthy beneficial superfood, honey can be great for giving your skin that luxurious resplendent glow! Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money on cosmetic products that can leave a huge dent in your wallet, take a healthy dollop of honey and apply it to the skin for positive results. If you were to asked any local Tiong Bahru clinic Singapore dermatologist, they would remind you of the numerous cosmetic effects that honey brings to your skin, such as reducing the occurrence of acne scars and wrinkles for instance, that makes honey an incredible superfood with numerous benefits.

Feel Great, Look Good & Live Well

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Tiong Bahru Clinic Singapore - The iClinic is a Medical and Wellness Clinic that applies a holistic and systemic approach of guiding patients achieve sustainable health and wellness through scientifically-approved medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Our medical wellness protocols and clinical programs. These programs offer a comprehensive range of therapy services and products that enhance your internal well-being, general body wellness, skin health and fitness state.

Schedule an in clinic or tele-consultation with us today!

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